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April 03, 2020 Articles
2019-2020 Recycle Case Studies from a Large Service Company Introduction This article lays out what the authors see as...
April 03, 2020 Articles
Addressing challenges facing the industry In 2018 and 2019, produced-water reuse and water sourcing for hydraulic...
April 01, 2020 Articles
How to maneuver through the process It is no secret that the Permian Basin is the busiest oil patch in the nation. All...
March 30, 2020 Articles
A two-part series focusing on enhancing natural evaporation rates As dealers are always looking for their next deal...
February 02, 2020 Articles
Using a closed-loop, integrated, automated water-management solution In today’s market, with oil prices hovering...
February 02, 2020 Articles
The Advantages of Unbundling Frac Chemicals It’s no surprise that oil and gas producers are looking for the fastest...
February 01, 2020 Articles
H 2 O Midstream— a shining star in emerging water midstream industry It has been well established that oil-field water...
February 01, 2020 Articles
Authored by Andy McDonald, CEO, Kaizen Fluid Systems There has been a major advancement in water recycling and...

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