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October 04, 2019 Articles
Comparing aeration systems in terms of cost and efficiency In Part 1, we discussed the basics of aeration and how it’s...
October 03, 2019 Articles
Infrastructure that complete wells with 100-percent recycled produced water The term “recycling” today means removing...
October 02, 2019 Articles
Understanding water management in unconventional plays Advances in exploration and energy-extraction techniques—...
October 01, 2019 Articles
Clean brine and reused produced water Sourcing water for hydraulic fracturing and disposing of produced water are...
August 02, 2019 Articles
Avoid pitfalls and shore-up well economics by partnering with the right service provider. Time is of the essence. It’s...
August 01, 2019 Articles
Process stabilizes frac water supply by intentionally blending disparate waters to take advantage of natural...
July 30, 2019 Articles
Evaluating diffuser vs. venturi-type aeration systems calls for knowing your bubbles. Simply defined, aeration is the...
July 28, 2019 Articles
The Path Carved by Conventional Midstream Shows the Way to Growth and Sustainability The rapid emergence of the water...

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