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February 02, 2020 Articles
Using a closed-loop, integrated, automated water-management solution In today’s market, with oil prices hovering...
February 02, 2020 Articles
The Advantages of Unbundling Frac Chemicals It’s no surprise that oil and gas producers are looking for the fastest...
February 01, 2020 Articles
H 2 O Midstream— a shining star in emerging water midstream industry It has been well established that oil-field water...
February 01, 2020 Articles
Authored by Andy McDonald, CEO, Kaizen Fluid Systems There has been a major advancement in water recycling and...
December 06, 2019 Articles
A New White Paper Provides Critical Facts about Texas’s Growing Supply of Produced Water Oil and water may not mix,...
December 05, 2019 Articles
The Water Challenges Facing Operating Companies in the Permian Basin The past decade’s resource abundance in the U.S....
December 04, 2019 Articles
The hose must handle higher pressures, tougher terrain and extreme environmental conditions. As the need for fracing...
December 03, 2019 Articles
Ocean salt is always in the atmosphere and returns quickly to sea. One of the biggest questions I always get asked...

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