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Editorial Advisory Board

We are pleased to introduce the Shale Play Water Management Editorial Advisory Board. These experienced men and women are tops in their fields. We are looking forward to receiving their valuable input, which will only serve to make SPWM more timely, valuable and profitable for our readers.

spwm lcapperLaura Capper
is president of energy-consulting firms CAP Resources and the EnergyMakers Advisory Group. She and her partners specialize in emerging-market issues and opportunities in upstream E&P, fluid and solid-waste management and logistics, water-treatment technologies, oil-field and midstream technologies, environmental practices, seismic-risk assessment, regulatory-filing strategies, disposal-well risk management, due diligence and M&A support, and new technology adoption.

The firms collectively have provided strategic guidance to more than 600 client companies in the oil and gas industry for 20-plus years.

spwm mdunkelMichael Dunkel
is the upstream-water global technology leader for Jacobs. He works with oil and gas clients on water management. Mr. Dunkel is the lead investigator for the study Jacobs is conducting with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board related to water recycling. He is also a leader of the Groundwater Protection Council on their produced-water reuse report, which covers U.S. shale plays and has the involvement of more than a dozen producing companies.

Previously, Mr. Dunkel was director of sustainable development for Pioneer Natural Resources. His team championed efforts to reduce freshwater use, increase water recycling and plan water management.

Mr. Dunkel held positions in engineering management and project management for 18 years at Pioneer. Prior to Pioneer, Mr. Dunkel held a variety of engineering roles at Marathon Oil.

spwm jdurandJohn R. Durand
 was appointed president and chief operating officer of WaterBridge Resources in February 2017. He has more than three decades of energy-industry experience spanning the upstream oil and gas, midstream services, commodity marketing, renewable-energy and power-generation sectors. He has held executive leadership positions across several disciplines in the Permian, Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast producing regions, as well as the Midland, Delaware, Marcellus, Utica, Barnett and Haynesville shale resource plays.

Mr. Durand’s professional experience includes roles with Mobil Oil, Union Pacific Resources, Williams Energy, FPL Energy, Crosstex Energy and PVR Partners.

Prior to joining WaterBridge Resources, Mr. Durand served on the executive management team of Pioneer Water Management from 2014 to 2017. In that role, he oversaw the commercial, logistics and supply-sourcing functions for the largest midstream water operation in North America and negotiated landmark agreements with the cities of Odessa and Midland to purchase municipal effluent water for industrial use.

Mr. Durand earned an M.B.A. in corporate finance from the University of Dallas and a B.S. in petroleum land management from the University of Louisiana.

spwm bhalldorsonBrent Halldorson
is chief technology officer for Fountain Quail Energy Services (FQES), which pioneered commercial recycling in shale-gas development. Mr. Halldorson is also the acting chairman of the Texas Water Recycling Association, a non-profit focused on helping find solutions to Texas’ most challenging water issues across all industries.

He is a professional engineer who has been with FQES since 1999. In that time, Fountain Quail has recycled more than a billion gallons of shale-gas wastewater back into fresh water for reuse in Texas with its patented NOMAD evaporators. It also offers its high-capacity ROVER mobile treatment, the SCOUT, a completely automated filtration system and the MAVREX, an advanced and safe chlorine-dioxide system.

One of Mr. Halldorson’s chief ambitions is to bridge the divide between pro-energy and anti-energy interest groups by highlighting cases of responsible and sustainable energy development.

spwm bkuhBrian Kuh
is the senior water-management foreman for WPX Energy in the Permian Basin. WPX is a $9-billion energy producer with water-recycling projects, logistics and infrastructure construction.

Mr. Kuh joined the company in late 2017 and has developed a plan to increase WPX’s local water recycling from 5 percent of total volume to more than 50-percent reuse for future well completions.

He began his career in water management at Devon Energy where he played an integral role in their startup of recycling produced water. He coordinated the construction of the first treated-water impoundments that were approved in New Mexico. Before taking on his role with WPX, Mr. Kuh worked as a water-management consultant with clients including Matador Resources and other private-equity startups.

Mr. Kuh is the vice president of the Permian Basin Water Management Council. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Colorado Technical University.

spwm rmccurdyRick McCurdy
is the senior engineering adviser to the Chesapeake Energy Corporation. He serves as a subject-matter expert in the fields of chemistry, corrosion, produced-water treatment and use, and alternative water sources for hydraulic fracturing. He is a principal of Chesapeake’s initiative championing the beneficial use of produced water—AquaRenew® and Chesapeake’s industry-leading GreenFrac® program that focuses on environmentally friendly hydraulic-fracturing additives.

Mr. McCurdy is an active member of SPE, NACE International and Mensa International. He served as a technical expert during the U.S. EPA workshops on hydraulic fracturing and has presented to the National Academy of Sciences, Government Accountability Office and Department of Energy regarding water use in the energy sector. Mr. McCurdy has an A.A.S. degree in petroleum technology.

spwm dparkDouglas A. Park
, University Lands/CSL, graduated in 1980 from Texas A&M with a B.S. in petroleum engineering. From 1980 to 1997, he worked for Enserch Exploration, Inc. as a petroleum engineer in Texas and Louisiana (onshore and offshore), as a senior petroleum engineer offshore (Gulf of Mexico), and manager of reservoir and production engineering offshore, and overseeing the Gulf of Mexico (operated deep-water projects) and various locations throughout the world. In 1997, Mr. Park went to Maxus-YPF-Repsol-CNOOC where for seven years he was the manager of technology and exploitation services in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2004, he joined Cimarex Energy Co. as engineering manager-drilling department and was named manager drilling/completion operations in March 2005 and manager D&C technology in May 2012.

For the past six years, Mr. Park focused on oil-field fluids management optimization from an E&P perspective. He retired from Cimarex in 2016 and started working with University Lands (UL) to evaluate future water needs and waste- management practices on UL acreage. Mr. Park is president of the Permian Basin Water Management Council.

spwm markpattonMark Patton
is president of Hydrozonix. He has more than 25 years in the development, design, implementation and operation of treatment technologies. His oil and gas experience includes treatment systems for waters, wastewaters, drilling muds, tank bottoms and process residuals. Mr. Patton holds one produced-water patent with two additional patents pending.

He earned his B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Southern California in 1985.