Interested in publishing an article, case study or technical solution in Shale Play Water Management? We recommend you review our Editorial Guide to understand our publishing approach.

Shale Play Water Management welcomes your interest in authoring an article for the magazine. To submit a specific article or content idea for consideration, send an outline of what you have in mind, or the completed article, to Executive Editor, John Pellettieri, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The query should include:

• Suggested Working Title of Article
• Author Name, Title, Company and Contact Information (including address, phone, website and email)
Brief Outline (a few sentences describing the specific message and intent of the article
General Type of Article (overview, case study, application oriented, troubleshooting, opinion, finance-related, technical)
Specific Products and Parts Mentioned – list all that apply Specific Technologies Described
Intended Audience (executive level water management, field operations, consulting, maintenance professionals, other-please specify)

Specific Article Guidelines
Feature Article Length: 1800-3000 words
Columns: 1000-1700 words
Product/Service Spotlights: 200-350 words

Article submissions should include high resolution graphics and/or photos.  Please indicate in your article submission where each graphic or photo should be placed within the article, and please include all graphics and/or photos each as separate file attachments.

Graphic and photo resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Acceptable file formats are JPG, PDF and TIFF files. File size should be 1-5 megabyte range (not KB).

Please also include author(s) bio of about 50 words, plus a high resolution head-shot photo for the author(s).