Shale Play Water Management covers “real world” fluid-handling applications and solutions with content that is expert, timely and relevant. Focusing on the ENTIRE WATER LIFE CYCLE, the magazine Expo, and website combine to be the number-one industry resource for important news, applications and technologies in the water-management sector. Every issue delivers the critical information that operators and those allied to the field need to know in order to do their job better, become more efficient and save money.

Shale Play Water Management addresses the full range of critical fluid-handling topics in shale exploration and production, including the all-important economic and environmental factors impacting the industry. Key subject areas include:

• Water-Sourcing Options
• Cost-Effective Water-Recycling Techniques
• End-to-End Big Play Water Systems
• Filtration, Oil-Water Separations, Oil Recovery
• Regional Reports
• Frac Chemistries, Bacteria Control, Disinfection
• Water-Transfer Systems
• Strategies for Maximizing Produced-Water Reuse
• Mobile Recycling: The Next Generation
• Groundwater Testing and Sampling
• Wastewater-Disposal Options
• Cost-Containment Strategies
• Regulations Focus
• Sustainable Completions Development
• Industry Business Reports
• Pumps, Piping and Controls