Shale Water Expo has a committed group of speakers who are thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise. They are presenting in order to share their knowledge with oil and gas professionals involved in water sourcing, handling, reuse and disposal. 


Keynote Speaker
 spwm speakers rmccurdy

Rick McCurdy, Sr. Engineering Officer

Chesapeake Energy Corporation
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Rick currently serves as a subject matter expert in the fields of chemistry, corrosion, produced water treatment and use, and the use of alternative water sources for hydraulic fracturing. He is a principal of Chesapeake’s initiative championing the beneficial use of produced water – AquaRenew® and Chesapeake’s Industry-leading GreenFrac® program that focuses on environmentally friendly hydraulic fracturing additives.


spwm speakers mdunkel

Michael Dunkel, Global Technology Leader
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spwm speakers jdurand

John R. Durand, President & CEO
WaterBridge Resources

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spwm speakers dfanguy

Dean Fanguy, Director of Business Development -
Western Hemisphere

TETRA Technologies

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spwm speakers charich

Chris Harich, Chief Operating Officer
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spwm speakers mpatton

Mark Patton, President

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