spwm frostsullivanHydrozonix is this year’s winner of Frost & Sullivan’s North American Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. F&S makes the choice based on its analysis of the North American frac-water quality management market.

Acknowledging the cyclical nature of the hydraulic-fracturing industry, Hydrozonix radically transformed its business by overhauling its HYDRO3CIDE solution. Instead of seeing a patent as a restraint, Hydrozonix adopted a whiteboard approach and completely redesigned HYDRO3CIDE to lower the capital costs.

Hydrozonix prices its HYDRO3CIDE solution competitively and ensures operating costs are comparable with those of chlorine dioxide, the industry’s traditional solution. Whether the solution is built to handle a capacity of 20,000 barrels per day (BPD) or 40,000 BPD, operating costs are kept lower than $0.05 per barrel (BBL). This presents a 60+ percent savings compared to chlorine-dioxide systems.

“In addition to delivering best practices in solution engineering and capital costs, Hydrozonix diversified its business model and the way customers engage with the company. Instead of offering only solution sales, Hydrozonix now has rental and service contracts for HYDRO3CIDE, as well as consulting services,” said Seth Cutler, principal consultant.

A recent development has been using the HYDRO3CIDE operating system as a platform for complete automation that can be controlled from a PC or smartphone.

“The company’s innovative solution allows customers to access mobile or onsite ozone units that do not use liquid chemicals, and eliminates the trucking of liquid chemicals. This ultimately improves customers’ green credentials in an industry that is often challenged by sustainability,” noted Cutler.