spwm bradytruckingWhen truck driver expectations for compensation, training and incentives are presented up front, retention levels can be improved by 30 percent or more, according to a study of an onboarding program recently completed.

Brady Trucking, an oilfield trucking company based in Utah, is the owner-operator of more than 250 trucks and 300 trailers in the Rocky Mountain region. Over nearly four decades of business, the company found driver retention difficult due to the long-wait, high-intensity cycles of the work.

The company contracted with Stay Metrics, of South Bend, IN, to administer a retention took kit that surveyed drivers at onboarding, annual review and exit to help analyze what causes turnover and how to fix it.

The company learned that drivers’ initial expectations were not set appropriately compared to what they were told by recruiters and by explaining company policies upfront, drivers could increase their early pay through orientation and training.

The program also offered a pointsbased incentive system that rewarded skills and safety training and for meeting performance objectives. The three-year pilot program resulted in driver turnover reduced by 31 percent with another 20 percent reduction as the goal for this year, according to the company announcement.