spwm xriWater midstream company, XRI Holdings, announced in June that it acquired the water treatment and recycling division of Fountain Quail Energy Services.

An industry leader in produced water treatment, recycle and reuse technology with operations in the Permian and other key producing basins, Fountain Quail Water Management will function as a whollyowned subsidiary of XRI operating under the Fountain Quail name. The announcement indicated that members of the company’s senior leadership have joined XRI and will lead the company’s water treatment and recycling division.

The acquisition is intended to “enhance XRI’s owned network of water midstream systems with full recycle and reuse capabilities and will set the standard for flexibility and sustainability for water in the Permian,” stated John Durand, president of XRI.

Fountain Quail Water Management adds “low-cost, high-efficiency recycle technology that is second-tonone,” said Matthew Gabriel, CEO at XRI. Under the combined operation “it is now possible for customers in the Delaware and Midland Basins to reuse, blend or swap 100 percent of their produced water with our water to obtain water of virtually any specification,” he added.

The acquisition “underscores XRI’s commitment to environmental stewardship and strengthens its position as standard bearer of the water midstream sector,” Gabriel said.

A pioneer in development of cost effective, reliable water treatment, recycling and reuse technologies, Fountain Quail Water Management established a successful track record of commercial operations dating to the mid-1990s. Its fixed and semifixed ROVERTM systems, mobile SCOUTTM systems, and mobile MAVREXTM chlorine dioxide water treatment systems are capable of filling a broad range of customers’ water recycling and reuse demands.

Headquartered in Midland, Texas, XRI is a leading full-cycle water midstream company with integrated infrastructure assets strategically located throughout the Permian Basin. The company operates more than 300 miles of permanent, buried pipeline infrastructure and provides development, production, treatment and transportation of water for use in the oil and natural gas industry