spwm patriotenvEnvironmental Specialties International, the largest installer and provider of geosynthetic lining materials in the U.S., announced in June that it acquired Patriot Environmental, a provider and installer of geosynthetic liners serving Texas and Oklahoma.

Founded in 2012, Patriot grew into a leading specialty contractor to the oil and gas industry and operated from offices in Odessa, Texas, and Meeker, Oklahoma.

“We are very excited to have the Patriot team join ESI,” said Mark Dillion, president of ESI. “Patriot’s sustained performance and exceptional relationships with customers are what attracted us to them. The company’s “get ‘er done” character, long-term customer relationships, and highly competent team is a great culture fit for ESI. We look forward to helping Patriot increase the value it provides to the oil and gas industry.”

“Over the years, we have been approached by a number of companies interested in partnering with our company,” said Cody Smithson, founder and president of Patriot. “As Mark stated, we believe ESI is a great culture fit and provides our team a fantastic opportunity to offer even greater value and scale to the industry.”

Water containment, especially in water-scare areas, is critical for hydraulic fracturing in development and production of oil and gas. Whether for freshwater or recycled produced water, special containment systems, referred to as pits or impoundments, are built to manage the water. These impoundments are engineered with geosynthetic liners for leak protection.

Geosynthetic lining materials are also used for reserve pits and secondary containment applications, while HDPE piping systems are used for water transportation.

Geosynthetic materials and HDPE piping systems are an integral part of the industry’s infrastructure and provide production and environmental benefits to the industry.

ESI and Patriot are experts in geosynthetic lining and HDPE piping systems for water containment and transportation applications. The combination of ESI and Patriot provides the oil and gas industry with unmatched material and installation expertise, an industry-focused team to meet the dynamic requirements of the industry and the necessary resources to serve the entire industry.

Environmental Specialties International is the largest contracted installer of geosynthetic lining materials in the U.S. Since 1996, the company has installed more than 2.5 billion sq. ft. of geosynthetic liners in more than 3,000 projects in all 50 states. ESI provides geosynthetic liner materials and installation services to the power, waste, oil and gas, mining, water, and other environmentally responsible industries. The company is also a leading supplier and installer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipe systems for the transportation of liquids and gas in related industries. For more information visit: esiliners.com.

Patriot Environmental is an industry leading specialty contractor serving the oil and gas industry in Texas and Oklahoma. The company provides and installs geosynthetic materials, erosion control materials, and secondary metal containment systems for a variety of applications. Patriot Environmental supplies and installs geosynthetic materials used to line pits and impoundments and provides similar services to the industrial and agriculture sectors. For more information visit: peliners.com.