spwm xylemXylem, a water-technology provider, has an expanded pump portfolio that helps the oil and gas industry deal with the millions of gallons of water needed for production.

The additions include the e-MP multistage ring section pumps, e-XC single-stage double suction centrifugal pumps and larger vertical turbine pumps.

The pumps minimize downtime, providing operational and cost efficiencies.

“Producers are looking for every advantage to maintain profitability in this volatile market,” said Joshua Allen, Xylem Industrial Solutions director of marketing, Americas. “Drawing on more than 170 years of experience, our experts developed these solutions to keep operations online and with as little cost or impact to the environment as possible.”

Xylem’s e-MP, e-XC and vertical turbine pumps can be customized to meet the demands in upstream and midstream applications.

Some product benefits:

• e-MP—The multistage ring section pump is good for high-pressure applications, such as produced water and crude oil LACT units. Versatile mechanical configuration and optimized pump hydraulics mean reduced energy consumption and wear and tear.
• e-XC—Designed for maximum durability and performance in even the harshest environments, the e-XC comes in multiple models, configurations and a wide range of materials to handle myriad aggressive applications.
• Vertical turbine pump—The extension to the existing Xylem vertical turbine product line, it’s scaled with capacities up to 1.7 million bpd for the largest oil and gas fluid needs.

“Continued growth of the oil and gas industry makes sound infrastructure, including pipeline capacity and processing and storage facilities, a top priority for producers to keep up with demand,” Allen said.