spwm gesGradiant Energy Services (GES), a leading service provider for produced and flowback water-treatment and recycling solutions, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with one of the largest oil-field services providers in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and Asia—National Energy Services Reunited (NESR).

GES will deploy its technologies and equipment in the MENA region where NESR operates. Both companies will bring GES unique water-technical solution capabilities, leveraging NESR’s strong operational reputation, footprint and resources in the Middle East and Asia.

“GES is regarded as the company of choice for unique and tough water challenges. Our track record across the space is the result of our deep expertise around water solutions,” said Danny Jimenez, chairman and CEO of Gradiant Energy Services. “Middle East oil and gas operators have learned about the value we bring to clients in places like the Permian, and over the last year or so, we have received direct inbound requests from relevant operators in that region to provide them with our technical solutions. When we explored ways to enter the market, we found NESR’s presence and strong reputation in the region to be a unique combination for a partnership.”

Sherif Foda, CEO and chairman of the board of NESR, added, “We believe that sustainable water strategies and preserving freshwater resources need to be front and center in the execution of the extensive unconventional and conventional gas programs in the region. Water conservation, in every area we operate in, is an important pillar of NESR’s overall ESG strategy.”