Over the last couple of decades, microseismic data has played a consistent role in upstream-asset development, but the field has always had certain limitations. Those limitations weren’t in the data itself, but rather in the tools available for operators to make use of it in a way that enables more profitable well and field decisions.

FracMap Clarity™ is a proprietary six-step process that’s increasing the value of microseismic data in the upstream oil and gas industry. By breaking down microseismic data in a variety of new ways, and examining the relationships between variables in greater detail, FracMap Clarity gives operators a clearer view of fractures created by fluid versus those simply driven by stress. It adds a premium level of insight to ESG’s existing FracMap® offering encompassing comprehensive downhole and surface microseismic acquisition, processing and analysis services for hydraulicfracturing operations.

“This is a big deal,” said Shan Jhamandas, vice president of Global Energy Services for ESG. “The opportunity cost for these asset development decisions is high. If operators can place wells and stages more strategically . . . the impact on maximizing overall asset ROIs through reducing completion costs and increasing production per pad could be huge.”