Strainstall has partnered with oilfield services company, Baker Hughes (BHGE), to develop a groundbreaking wireless monitoring solution for upstream wellsite operations, which will improve safety, reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

BHGE originally requested Strainstall to create wireless line-tension monitoring. Strainstall’s approach was to engineer a “plug-and-play” system that required no changes to existing sheave arrangements by integrating it with its hazardous area certified wireless technology, to provide both real-time and builtin data logging capabilities for linetension monitoring.

This work led to Strainstall’s development of a modular, fully hazardous area certified wireless system that integrates with any type of third-party sensor for any application where operator safety is a key concern, without needing IECEx recertification.

Homero Castillo, BHGE product line manager, deployment and acquisition systems, said, “We challenged Strainstall to develop a nextgeneration wireline tension wireless monitoring system to improve safety, reduce rig uptime and ultimately remove the cables required by the existing method.”

Strainstall has now launched its suite of Wellsite Monitoring Solutions (WMS) that addresses wellsite safety and efficiency issues.