spwm saltwaterdisposalAdditional storage capacity at a saltwater disposal storage facility in West Texas was constructed using a concrete additive that is said to reduce permeability and improve resistance to high sulfate brines, according to the company.

Located 175 southeast of El Paso in the Madera Valley, the new addition to the Balmorhea waste disposal facility was constructed with 1,100 cubic yards of concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX, a crystalline admixture produced by The Penetron Group, of East Setauket, N.Y.

Working from specifications supplied by the contractor, MPA Construction, the concrete admixture is said to resist penetration of high chloride levels in the brine, which if untreated could cause the concrete to crack and fail, the company said.

The addition of the concrete additive “protects concrete against water penetration and the effects of deterioration, even under the constant hydrostatic pressure present in salt water disposal tanks,” said Christopher Chen, Penetron Group director.